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The number one difference between a Sankalpa and an intention

The number one difference between a Sankalpa and an intention is where you use your Sankalpa in a meditation practice. You use it when you’re able to access your subconscious mind because your subconscious mind can affect the underlying energy of your life, which can IMMEDIATELY release a limiting belief, welcome an aspect of your life’s potential or bring instantaneous healing. Read this blog post to learn more!

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Top 3 ways to get unstuck fast

If you only have time to read one of my blogs, let this be it. Bookmark it, save the link or take a screen shot of it. Come back to it on a day that you don’t feel so great because I know it will help! If you feel lost, confused, slow, unproductive, you’re comparing yourself to others and you basically just feel stuck, read this blog post.

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The link between meditation and success

Meditation helps give you clarity on what you want, what your soul needs, who you are and what makes you truly happy in life. When you lack clarity and you feel out of touch with who you are and what you want, it makes it easy for other people and society to define success for you. Check out this blog post to discover how meditation helps you get to know yourself. The better you know yourself the better you can define success for yourself. 

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