The best eco-friendly yoga clothes & zero-waste lifestyle tips

Back in the Spring, 2018 I purchased my first pair of Prana Vida Style yoga tights, and I’ve been obsessed ever since!

Amelia Barnes is an eco-clothing designer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I’ve been following her journey for three or four years now and she’s been a huge inspiration to me since day one.

She’s an entrepreneur and yogi living a vegan and zero-waste lifestyle. From healthy recipes, to valuable info about the fashion industry to zero-waste lifestyle tips she’s always sharing something helpful and positive.

In my opinion, she makes the best, most ethical and sustainable yoga tights out there. And as of today… she also offers sports bras too! Check out her website to see for yourself! Prana Vida Style

Today, (Thursday, October 4) her pre-sale begins! I know I will be pre-ordering a pair of black tights for myself! She also launched the most amazing and comfortable sports bras ever. Check out the picture I shared below. I wore that wine coloured bra all summer long. Her sports bras are just as fabulous as her tights and I know everything will sell out in a hot minute (as usual), so if you want to get your Prana Vida fix make sure you get on her pre-sale so you don’t miss out.

Amelia has inspired me in so many different ways. Most recently she’s inspired me to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle. I’m not even close to zero-waste yet… but you have to start somewhere, right? Amelia’s tips have been so helpful to me and I thought they might be helpful for you too! I asked Amelia three questions about sustainability and living a zero-waste lifestyle. I hope you find her answers as helpful as I do!

1. What is one thing someone can start doing today to live more sustainably:

AMELIA: Two of the biggest polluters and contributors to greenhouse gas emissions are animal agriculture and the fashion/textile industry (even more so than all transportation!). So my advice is to first start researching these topics and finding out ways you can cut down on your personal impact here. For example, removing animal products from one meal a day, or one day a week, and going from there. You could check out some thrift stores or host a clothing swap party instead of directly heading to the mall, or use Google to find responsible sustainable brands that you could support. I've also written emails about the impact of the fashion industry, a guide to ethical and sustainable shopping, and what I'm doing differently with Prana Vida. We often overlook these because the environmental consequences (usually) aren't so obvious and in-your-face as things like plastic straws, exhaust fumes and disposable coffee cups, but in my opinion it makes most sense to start with the biggest issues first!

2. Where are some of the best places people can go to educate themselves on sustainability, zero-waste etc.?

AMELIA: The internet and social media are incredible, free resources and where you can seriously find answers to every question! There are some of the blogs I've found most helpful, and I also follow them on Instagram for daily inspiration. I also write regular emails on my personal journey, as well as share zero waste/plant based recipes I'm loving and other resources and tips for healthy living (like right now I'm really into Ayurveda so I'm sharing a bit about that). You can sign up for my emails here.

3. What's the greatest challenge you faced when shifting to a more zero-waste lifestyle and taking on the mentality quality over quantity? How did you overcome it?

AMELIA: I think the greatest challenge has been sticking to a minimalist mentality when all day we are bombarded with messaging, overt and subtle, that tells us we need to constantly be consuming more and more to be happy. I try to always ask myself before I buy anything: is the really necessary? Will this really bring me lasting joy? I also find that the more I focus on the inner work and being content and fulfilled in my own life, the less likely I am to buy things for the sake of buying.

Prana Vida Style

Amelia Barnes

Sam D Squire | Yoga | Meditation
Sam D Squire | Yoga | Meditation
Sam D Squire | Yoga | Meditation
Sam D Squire | Yoga | Meditation
Sam D Squire | Yoga | Meditation