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Free yoga and meditation resources for any skill level. Crafted with love by me!

Love, Sam


Handstands with sam 1.0

Learn how to properly care for your wrists, handstand principles, how to build a strong foundation, the importance of core activation and how to use the wall as a tool to start your handstand journey.

20-minute vinyasa yoga video

This style of yoga is often quite dynamic, which requires the mind to stay focused in the present to be able to keep up. Whether you’re just starting out with yoga, or looking to try something new, this 20-minute Vinyasa yoga video is perfect for you! 

5-minute mindfulness meditation

Meditation equals magic. It’s really that simple. It will solve all the world’s problems and help you kick ass at life. This meditation will guide you with a mindful body scan to open to your senses. Enjoy!


Meditation signs

Be sure to keep intruders out with these hilarious meditation signs.

Happy meditating!