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Section 2: Weeks 3 - 4

Below you’ll find two meditation audios. A new 11-minute mindfulness meditation that focuses primarily on the breath and a new yoga nidra meditation!

You can use them both daily or alternate between them. If you find yourself struggling or getting overwhelmed, just listen to whatever one you have time for! Don’t forget, you can always rely on your bonus 5-minute meditation mini found in bonus materials if you find it really hard to make time for your meditation practice.

This yoga nidra audio is a completely new recording, but you’ll notice it’s an expanded version of the one you got during your first week. Now, I introduce some new layers to this practice to help you move deeper into your subconscious mind. If you’re still falling asleep during the practice, that’s OK - you’re actually still getting the practice, so don’t give up on it.

Mindfulness Meditation 2

Yoga Nidra Meditation 2

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Section One: Weeks 1-2

Below you’ll find two meditation audios. One, 11-minute mindfulness meditation and one yoga nidra meditation.

I recommend using both of them regularly because they compliment each other perfectly. Mindfulness will help you increase your attention span, develop your listening skills and improve your focus. When you’re an attentive listener and you can stay focused while listening to your yoga nidra meditations, it will make them even more transformational!

Please don’t get too caught up with when you should listen to which meditation. The goal is to build a sustainable, realistic and daily meditation practice. Just listen to at least one of them daily.

Download your meditation audios and put them in a folder that’s accessible on your phone. Personally I use Google Drive, but some people use Dropbox or iCloud as well. This step will only take you two minutes every couple weeks and it’s worth it! That way you’ll have access to your meditations at all times and there will be no excuses as to why you’re not using them ;)

Don’t forget, there is a bonus 5-minute meditation mini for you under bonus materials!

Mindfulness Meditation 1

Yoga Nidra Meditation 1