Sam's Mantra Yoga Video Collection


Yoga video - Easy tiger

Easy Tiger is a slow nourishing class that focuses on opening up the hips and the hamstrings. This is a great 30-minute yoga video to do in the morning, before bed or when you get home from the gym. If you're new to yoga, looking to improve your flexibility or just want a relaxing class with deep stretches for your hips and hamstrings then Easy Tiger is the yoga video for you!


Yoga video - Keep shining

Keep Shining is a well-paced, well-balanced flow class that incorporates power vinyasas and core work. This is a great 30-minute yoga video to do when you have some energy to burn and want to work on your core strength. The inspiration behind this video for Sam was her students in Winnipeg. The ones who would show up to her core classes every single week and just couldn't get enough. She created this video with them in mind so they could have a resource to  use and practice their favourite yoga class more than once a week and in the comfort of their  own home. 


Yoga video - Aim High 

Aim High is a fun and challenging class that incorporates optional handstands and arm balances. This is a great 30-minute yoga video to do if you already practise yoga regularly and you're looking for something new and challenging. If you are a beginner, don't be afraid to give it a try! Sam offers different options so you can always modify where you need to. 

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