Q: What if I missed out on Wave One?

A: No problem, NOW is your chance to get in to the Soul Squad! If you missed Wave One, I included a membership option for you - Membership Option One - Yoga and Meditation Membership.

Q: What if I missed out on Wave One and I don’t want the yoga videos?

A: Anyone is welcome to sign up for Membership Option Two - Meditation Only. If you’re not interested in the yoga videos, go with Membership Option Two.

Q: What is I already did Wave One and I want to sign up again?

A: Yay, I’m so happy you want to join us again! The only membership option you can sign up for is Membership Option Two - Meditation Only. But you still have all your old videos that you can use daily to practice with :)

Q: What if I’ve never practised yoga before?

A: If you’re brand new to yoga, that’s totally fine! The videos are beginner friendly and I offer options during the videos if you ever need to modify. The bonus yoga videos are a bit more challenging.

Q: What if I’ve never practised meditation before?

A: One of my main goals with the Soul Squad is to help you build a sustainable, realistic meditation practice that you can do every day no matter what level you’re at! I guide every meditation and all you have to do is simply listen. There are no expectations that you’re a seasoned meditator. In the Soul Squad we practice mindfulness meditation and yoga nidra meditation. I explain this further below, but the way I deliver the yoga nidra over the course of the six weeks is very beginner friendly!

Q: What if my yoga and meditation practice is more advanced, will I still be growing and feel challenged in the Soul Squad Community?

A: Yes, absolutely! During the videos, you can always add to your practice where you see fit, and the bonus yoga videos are more challenging. Plus, in the bonus materials, I will workshop different more advanced poses (headstand and crow pose). If your meditation practice is more advanced, I think you’ll still enjoy the daily meditation audios, especially the yoga nidra as it progresses throughout the Wave!

Q: Can I download the videos and audios?

A: Yes! I highly recommend that you do so you can keep them forever. I recommend creating a Soul Squad folder in your Google Drive or Dropbox account to organize the material for future use.

Q: Can I join the Soul Squad whenever?

A: No. In my teaching experience over the past five years, I’ve realized that community and accountability are very important. The reason why we go through the 6 week Wave together is so that all of us are on the same page, helping each other and supporting each other throughout the process. Plus, during the 6 weeks, I am your teacher. If we move through the program together it will allow me to serve you and everyone else in the Soul Squad a lot better.

Q: When do I get access to the bonus materials?

A: You will get access all of your bonus materials on the first day of the program with the exception of three bonus yoga videos. If you sign up for membership option one - YOGA + MEDITATION, you will receive three bonus yoga videos throughout the program (you will get one, every two weeks).


Q: Do I have to be part of the Facebook group? What if I don’t have Facebook?

A: No, you don’t have to be part of the Facebook group and this program is still accessible without it. The Facebook Group will be an additional way for us to communicate and interact with each other. The Facebook group is going to help us connect with each other, but it is optional. The only thing you will miss out on is the Facebook live chats.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me - hello@samdsquire.com