What type of meditation do we focus on in the Soul Squad?

1. Mindfulness
2. Yoga Nidra

Why Both?

Mindfulness is key to staying grounded and living in the present moment.
Yoga Nidra is a deep, healing and restorative meditation practice that helps you restore your nervous system, reprogram your brain and reduce chronic stress and anxiety.
Together the two meditation practices become even more transformational. Mindfulness helps train you to pay attention, to listen and it helps bring you into a softer and more receptive state. When you can listen to your yoga nidra audios more attentively in a mindful, present state it helps the practice sink in even deeper and you’ll be able to stay awake and pay attention to the entire time.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra stands for "yogic sleep" although you're not actually sleeping this meditation takes you to a state where you can tap into your subconscious mind. At the very least Yoga Nidra can offer the body and the mind rest (and possibly a nap). I have found this practice incredibly healing and powerful. I first experienced Yoga Nidra during my teacher training in Greece and was immediately moved by its effects. It is a healing and restorative meditative practice where your body goes to sleep but your mind remains awake and aware. Yoga Nidra delivers you to a state where you can experience deep emotional and physical healing, rewiring of your brain, and self-exploration.


• Helps regulate your nervous system and your endocrine system

• Helps people heal from trauma, anxiety, depression etc.

• Improves memory

• Improves ability to focus

• Improves sleep

Typically a full yoga nidra practice is 30-60 minutes. Throughout the six weeks of the Soul Squad, we break down one full practice, so that each layer builds on the next to give you a better understanding of practice and even greater benefits with it.